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DBE’s Nanoflotation technology, using Replaceable Skin Layer Membranes (RSL) and High Intensity Froth Flotation (HiFF), is now recognized by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection as one of the “top 100 Environmental Technologies in the World”.

DBE has been chosen as the Canadian representative in an International forum in Beijing, on June 7 and 8, 2016 being hosted by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection  to present its Nanoflotation technology to an exclusive and invited audience. This group represents all of China’s  major industrial sectors and senior Chinese Government regulatory officials. As the Canadian representative, DBE’s Nanoflotation technology will be assessed for its applicability to the Chinese market and will be compared to the best technology selected from other countries such as the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and many more. A third party expert peer group and officials from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection selected one technology from each country.

Published Book

“Water and its controlling dominance in energy consumption”
from Elsvier Publishing

This volume is part of an overall book authored by
numerous experts throughout North America on
“Assuring Purity in Drinking Water.”

Published  Book

“Food, Energy & Water” Our existence will require Natural Gas Look for the interesting analysis of the impact of natural gas to reduce energy consumption & significantly increase fresh water inventories.

New Book Release in 2016

Water requirements and costs for all energy source generation