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DBE’s Nanoflotation technology, using Replaceable Skin Layer Membranes (RSL Membranes™) and High Intensity Froth Flotation (HiFF), is now recognized by the California based, Katerva Awards as one of the world’s most disruptive sustainable technologies. The Katerva Awards are recognized as a precursor to the Nobel awards. In addition, the China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has rated Nanoflotation technology as one of the “top 100 Environmental Technologies in the World”.

DBE will be attending the 5th CNOOC SME Mission to China on May 5 to 12 where the Nanoflotation Marketing agent, DBE Hytec Ltd, will be announcing the opening their Beijing office and testing facility for the Nanoflotation technology. In North America, testing and laboratory facilities are provided through DBE’s licensee Purlucid Treatment Systems.  In July 2018 DBE will be part of the Canada Clean tech pavililion at the Singapore International Water Week from July 8-12. 

DBE has commenced, with Purlucid Treatment Systems Inc (PTS) in Calgary, the development of the $16 million project to use the Nanoflotation technology and particularly the RSL™ membranes to replace the conventional warm or hot lime softening process typically used for SAGD oil operations. In addition the project will also apply the RSL™ membranes as an inline high pressure , high temperature treatment system to remove Oil and Silica from produced waters so that they can be directly injected into the OSTG boilers for steam production. The RSL™ membranes will also be used to treat evaporator and boiler blow down waters to remove Silica.
DBE has just completed numerous trials of the treatment of produced water from conventional oil and gas and metal finishing and etching facilities. The pilot tests were very successful. DBE is also undertaking work with PTS in Calgary on lithium extraction from oil and gas produced waters. The RSL™ membranes are key to this process.

In May 2018, DBE will be working closely with the Canadian, US and China oil and gas industry regarding the introduction of cogeneration concepts where waste heat is used in conjunction with DBE’s RSL membranes™ to treat produced water. The overall benefit of this concept is that oil and gas facilities can convert to electrical generation facilities, thereby reducing capital and operating costs and significantly increasing the rate of return on investment.

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“Water and its controlling dominance in energy consumption”
from Elsvier Publishing

This volume is part of an overall book authored by
numerous experts throughout North America on
“Assuring Purity in Drinking Water.”

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“Food, Energy & Water” Our existence will require Natural Gas Look for the interesting analysis of the impact of natural gas to reduce energy consumption & significantly increase fresh water inventories.

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Water requirements and costs for all energy source generation