Cogeneration and Evaporation

Mr. David Bromley, M.Eng., P.Eng. is the author of the “Energy Efficiency in Water Infrastructure” as part of a book being edited by Mr. Craig Patterson M.Sc.,P.E. of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Energy consumption from pump usage in the public and private sector represent s over 20% of the energy demand in North America . Energy efficiency in pumping systems is a unique and easily achievable opportunity to reduce energy usage and carbon foot print. Energy efficiency can be achieved through numerous approaches. The obvious are more efficient pump motors and transmission systems. However real breakthroughs in this area will occur as a result of:

  1. Technology to replace energy intensive membrane technology to remove colloidal solids
  2. Inline turbine systems
  3. Reversing pumps to act as turbines
  4. Reducing pressures in mainline distribution systems and using variable speed pumps for local pressure distribution
  5. Leak detection technology
  6. Sensor and water audit technology

One of the principle areas of focus for Mr Bromley is in the area of data acquisition and data analytics to help facilitate all of the above technologies. In fact the Data Utility is becoming the most important utility in any community as it will allow for more efficient use of energy in buildings, energy distribution, local energy generation and water distribution systems by managing localized micro grid pressure needs. In fact Mr Bromley predicts the technology capability that is evolving through the use of data infrastructure will become the new economic revolution in continuous efficiency improvement and productivity.